In The Shadow Of Hermes: The Secrets Of Communism

Published March 24, 2022 3,518 Views

This Widely Censored Documentary Based On The Book, 'Under The Sign Of The Scorpion' By Jüri Lina Shows How Freemasons, International Bankers, And Communists Joined Forces In An Unholy Alliance And Through The 1917 Bolshevik Revolution Established A Brutal And Dehumanizing Slave Society.

Russian Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn Admonished His Countrymen To “Live Without Lies!” This Applies Equally To The West Because Most Of The Official Narrative Regarding Communism Is Not True; Key Facts Have Been Suppressed In The East And In The West.

This Documentary Contains Rare Archived Film Footage Of The Slave Labor Concentration Camps And Identifies The Financial Masonic Forces And Other Groups Who Worked Behind The Scenes Through Communism And Who Profited From The Slaughter And Suffering Of Millions And Millions Of People.

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