The Miracle Of Surviving The Winter Of Severe Illness And Death

Published March 24, 2022 7,179 Views

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Intro vid: Sad Little Man (Fauci):

US military deaths on track to rise 5,000% this year from previous years!!!! - already 1,100%

Fauci hints it might be time to retire since the pandemic could 'already' be over, but threatens America in this Video:

Senator Rand Paul Video: “As soon as Republicans get the majority I pledge to the American people we are investigating Dr. Fauci to the fullest extent of the law. We are putting him under oath. We are getting the documents””

Reported pediatric COVID-19 deaths plummet 24% after CDC fixes 'coding logic error':
Joe Biden: Give Me A Break - That’s a Bunch Of Malarkey:

Babylon Bee VIDEO: Satire Is Impossible! Satire Writers Unable To Keep Up With Reality By Babylon Bee:

Cardiff Philharmonic removes Tchaikovsky from programme in light of Russian invasion of Ukraine:

Russian Player Banned from Chess for 6 Months

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