The Architects Of Western Decline: A Critical Study Of The Frankfurt School

Published March 24, 2022 4,033 Views

Cultural Marxism And The Frankfurt School Of Critical Theory Have Infected The West. Even Though The Soviet Union Fell Apart Thirty Years Ago, The Memes They Launched Are Still Out There.

Many Of The Students The Frankfurt School Taught Became Teachers And Professors, Who Taught Another Batch Of Teachers And Professors, And They’re Now Indoctrinating The Entire West And Its Youth. Some Others Became Ensconced In The Media Or Government Positions.

This Is What Italian Communist Theoretician Antonio Gramsci Called “The Long March Through The Institutions.” Only A Fraction Identifies With Communism, But They Still Practice The Party Line Even If Few Are Aware Of Where Their Views Originated. If You’ve Ever Wondered Where All Of Today’s Social Justice Warriors Came From, Now You Know The Story.

Watch The Video And Educate Yourself About How It Happened.

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