Covid Vaccines Are Driving More Infectious Variants & Possibly A Lethal One - Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD

2 years ago

Dr. Paul Alexander (, PhD, Academic Scientist and Senior Covid Advisor for the WHO, PAHO and Trump administration, is a fierce giant in the fight against unscientific and unconstitutional Covid and vaccine mandates along with the likes of Drs. Robert Malone, Byran Bridle, Peter McCullough and Mark Trozzi. As a man of integrity, Alexander recently turned down a $1 million signing bonus and $50,000/month salary with Pfizer--effectively a gag order--to continue leading the charge to have our freedoms restored. After fighting alongside the Ottawa Freedom Convoy, he has been embraced by the American convoy parked on the Marlyand freeway.

In this explosive interview, learn why he turned down the ludicrous Pfizer payday, the latest science on Covid-19 vaccines and how they are driving more variants, including a potentially lethal one, and why he's putting everything on the line to fight for democracy on behalf of free-minded citizens.

Other topics:

-Covid-19 vaccines--developed for the original Alpha strain and therefore useless against Omicron--are non-sterilizing (do not stop replication) and are driving more infectious variants
-the fully vaccinated are becoming much more infected than the unvaccinated and spreading Covid-19 to the unvaccinated in a very rapid manner
-continuing the use of "these non-sterilizing, suboptimal vaccines" will only result in the emergence of "variant after variant after variant [and] more infectious variants" and could include the emergence of "a lethal, pathogenic variant," which "could devastate humanity"
-Covid-19 vaccines are likely damaging the body's innate immune system (first line of defence)

Visit Dr. Alexander's website and substack ( for excellent cutting edge Covid and vaccine data as well as to support his important work.

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