Whisltblower Pie Episode #7 03/22/2022

2 years ago

FEMA, & BRIBES, & SWAT oh my…
With guest Dottie Lafortune and Debbie Golden

Tonight we are proud to present a 30 year veteran who came forward with verified facts in evidence, handed it over to her local district attorney and then without skipping a beat that same DA came after her as the criminal when she would not accept a bribe.

We have heard about this whistleblower who came forward only to get treated as a criminal while you watch your property, treasures and life ripped from your hands by bad actors with BAR cards and a license to steal. Dottie has spent years giving notice of her claims and verified facts, she has fought hard and says she will not give up or give in.

Our second guest Debbie Golden is a woman, mother and defender of her family and estate, a woman who has a story that would take days to tell and unravel for our viewers. Today we concentrate on one segment of her journey, a segment that has the ability to bring at least millions of dollars in fees, fines and lifetimes in prison to the criminals. This piece of the pie is about when Deborah, after her home being flooded out 7 times, is offered remedy in 2013 by FEMA. FEMA entered into a buyout agreement with her and after 2 years of paperwork, in 2015 she was ready to close the sale.

What FEMA, Deborah and her attorney found, and what the pirates provided to them, ended Deborah's remedy with FEMA as they could not buy what they could not pay off. Who was to be paid off? Where was the lender? Without a party to pay they could not settle a purchase. This story is not an anomaly, thousands of people have had their properties destroyed by natural disasters, but, it does offer a piece of story of why there are Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars waiting to be collected and they would go directly to municipalities to heal America.

What could you do with a piece of the Trillions of dollars in your communities? Yes, you would benefit, yes this is real and yes it is possible to accomplish.

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