Energy Policies That Empower Tyranny

1 year ago

Until better technologies are invented, the “green energy” agenda enriches and empowers tyrannical regimes, making the world dependent on them.


Jake Tapper & Chris Murphy transcript:

Germany largely banned fracking:

Germany shut down its nuclear power plants:

Germany has aggressively mandated wind and solar:

In 2019, Germany imported 67% of all of its energy from foreign nations, up from 59% in 2000:

The average price of household electricity in Germany is about three times that of the United States:

Joe Biden ended sanctions put in place by Donald Trump that prevented Russia from completing a pipeline to sell natural gas to Germany:

The pipeline was completed just 6 months ago in September 2021 despite warnings that it “could facilitate a possible Russian invasion” of Ukraine:

Wind and solar must be backed-up by other energy sources that can generate electricity on demand, such as natural gas power plants:

For 40+ years, the U.S. government has heavily subsidized solar while discouraging the use of competing energy sources through taxes and regulations:

Solar provided only 1.3% of all U.S. energy in 2020:

Petroleum is a global market, and it sometimes more cost-effective to import and export some oil even if a nation produces as much as it uses. The U.S. did this even before government Covid-19 lockdowns caused large declines in gasoline usage:

The U.S. has been a net exporter of natural gas for several years:

Communist China dominates nearly every major level of the supply chains for key components of the solar and electric car industries. These include, for example:
• 73% of the world’s lithium ion battery cells:
• 78% of the world’s supply of solar cells:

A shell company in Bermuda with deep ties to Vladimir Putin and Russian oil companies has donated tens of millions of dollars to the Sierra Club and other environmental groups that oppose fracking:

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