Do you feel drained after a long day ?

2 years ago

How many times do you come home at the end of the day and feel completely drained?
One of the reasons we are so exhausted is that we have adopted roles that we play around different people:

We act differently when we are at work than when we are at home in our PJs.
We play so many roles for so many people, and we have done so for years.
We played them for our parents, for our teachers at school, for our peer group, for our bosses at work.
We know how to be cool in our friendship groups, or in our communities or church groups.
In the video below, I am going to invite you to become aware of the roles you play completely unintentionally.

Every time we play a role or modify our authentic self to fit into a mold, we go into constriction.

Over time, we lose connection with our true essence, and with Source, because we are so caught up in behaving a certain way, playing a role to please others, or to live up to other expectations.

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