1 year ago

ARIZONA AG BRNOVITCH Subpoena Request - Voter Rolls ERIC Program

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SUBPEONA request for vital information we need to understand the huge disconnect in the Maricopa County, Voter Rolls and how those voter records and rolls are maintained.
As you are aware, the State of Arizona is part of the ERIC program and we have found significant data and reporting compliance disconnects which easily could have made a material difference to the outcome of the General Election in 2020, in Maricopa County. You will find this Subpoena request is very detailed and we will have to mirror this for such request to be submitted to Maricopa County as well.  You will find the information quite alarming and this needs to be addressed in a timely manner so all the voters of Arizona have a clear picture of what may have happened in the State of Arizona's 2020 General Election.

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