What You Don’t Know About the Homicide of Grace Schara

Published March 22, 2022 210 Views

Scott Schara describes the incredible story of violation of patient rights and wishes; an armed guard keeping healthcare workers out of the room while they eliminated a vulnerable young girl with oxygen in the healthy range (with a lethal cocktail of three sedative drugs); and the incredible story of how Scott was also treated, in a small regional hospital three days later, with radically different, patient-centric, compassionate and competent care.

We discuss who the healthcare workers are participating in the CDC-directed protocol and why; how hospitalists are incentivized at every stage along the way (and the family is given $9,000 for burial–so they don’t suspect government’s involvement?) …

… how with an ER 10-hour wait and Grace’s family’s refusal of vent and remdesivir, Grace was a low-revenue patient and they may have needed to free up a room — and how helping share Grace’s mind-bending true story can save lives.

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Schara Family’s Website http://www.ouramazinggrace.com/

To Donate to the Schara Family https://givesendgo.com/theskysthelimit

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