The Hour Of Our Time: The Legacy Of William Cooper

Published March 22, 2022 3,067 Views

This Is About The Life And Death Of Milton William 'Bill' Cooper (May 6, 1943 - Nov. 6, 2001) The Man Who, Challenges Us To Be Brave In Ways Much Larger Than We Thought Possible.

An Insightful And Provocative Documentary On The Life And Death Of William Cooper, Author Of The Conspiracy Book "Behold A Pale Horse," And Host Of The Popular 90's Short-Wave Radio Program "The Hour Of Our Time."

Milton William Cooper (Aka Bill Cooper) Was A Government Whistler Blower, US Air Force Strategic Air Command Veteran, US Navy Naval Intelligence Officer, Author, Radio Broadcaster, Truther, And One Of The Greatest American Heroes Of Our Time.

Read Behold A Pale Horse Here:

Watch Bill Cooper Predicted 9/11 In Advance And 'Died' Shortly After Here:

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