Ukrainian Doctor on Castration of Russian POWs

Published March 22, 2022 1,713 Views
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Ukrainian Doctor Comments on His Shocking "Castration of POWs" Interview

A Ukrainian doctor who claimed during a live interview that he had ordered his volunteer unit to castrate captured Russian soldiers has stated that his words were not true. In a short post on his Facebook page on Monday (March 21), Gennadiy Druzenko said he and his fellow frontline medics do not castrate anyone and have no plans to do so.

“Those were the emotions. I’m sorry. We are saving lives. Period,” the post said.

Druzenko, a well-known volunteer medic, had been talking to many Western media outlets about his unit’s work in Ukraine amid the Russian attack on his country, and had made his incendiary claims about Russian POWs in an interview with Ukrainian TV on Sunday (March 20).

“I gave my doctors … a very strict order to castrate all men, because they are cockroaches and not people,” he had claimed.

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