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Arise! Guerrilla News - March 20th 2022

News Anchor Sacha Stone ( Bali/world update)

Mel K (USA/Patriot update)
Powerful and well-informed Patriot voice from the Mel K show, die-hard researcher, mother, proud conservative devoted to God, family, and America, military daughter, educating youth and advocating for mental health reform for decades. She has NYU in both Journalism and Film and spent 15 years at various networks and in Hollywood - her encounters with the dark powers forced a change to healing and uncovering truth.

Sian Gissing-McMeel (UK/Sovereignty and Corruption update).
Sian is a highly regarded legal researcher and attorney and mother three young children being held captive by her estranged freemason husband supported by the corrupt UK legal system. She returns with her latest revelations on corruption within the UK judiciary, her class actions suit, seeing her children and protecting the sacred Glastonbury from 5G towers.

Scotty Saks (MSM/Project Veritas update)
Our MSM veteran mastermind Scotty Saks returns fresh from the ReAwaken conference he attended along with Leigh Dundas, Scott McKay, Ann Vandersteel and scooped 17 interviews - including a terrifying intel from attorney Tom Rehn about Project Veritas truth bombs that will shock you.

Danny Kollar (Slovakia/Eastern Europe update)
From Slovakia, with an update on Ukraine and the impact on Eastern Europe, known for raw and brutally honest style, popular online truth seeker activist living in London, with a wide network of sources both legal and illegal! Danny emigrated from Slovakia at age 18, got caught and sent back briefly, eventually finding his way to England. A self-professed former liberal he has come to uncover the truth - which he shares with passion and dedication..

Kyle Kemper (Canadian/New Systems update)
The awake and creative, bohemian opposite of his deep state-controlled older brother Justin Trudeau you believe we cannot change the old systems and it is up to use to create new systems and adopt decentralization across the board. Devoting time sharing his ideas and opening eyes in USA and the world.

Volker Raupenstrauch (Germany/Austria/Switzerland update)
We are hearing a lot about the heaviness and discomfort in central Europe and the German-speaking countries around the Russia and Ukraine situation. Volker is a businessman with dealings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland perfectly poised to give us the pulse of the people in those countries. Volker and his wife started the “For the love of Constitutional Law” Association to teach others about how law is meant to help them.

Maneka Helleberg and Michael Zazzio (Sweden/trafficking update)
A friend of New Earth ventures and Humanitad, currently Chairman of the World Freedom Organization and Freedom Swedenand coming on with ITNJ’s legal representative and certified nurse Michael Zazzio to report on the latest from Sweden and the ongoing story of my repeat guest Sharon, jailed and labeled mentally ill for exposing institutional /trafficking in Scandinavia.

Jeroen Pols (Netherlands/EU Update)
The biggest freedom story in Europe - our Broadcast 5 presenter and leading Dutch activist Willem Engel was arrested this week for sedition. We welcome his close associate and co-founder of the Virus Truth Action group Jeroen Pols to give us the update on the situation and the shockwaves it is causing. Jeroen is an attorney himself and has been in the news throughout the pandemic with several lawsuits he brought against the Dutch state.

Scott McKay (USA/Patriot update)
Closing us out like only he can, our beloved brother-in-arms with an update on the USA and his Patriot Streetfighter movement.

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