10 months ago

Front Porch Live March 20, 2022

We have super great news to share tonight about Baby Cyrus and also very ugly news to share about why this happened.
This battle rages on and the fundraising has become even more important that when we started because many more children will be saved from these efforts.
I’m personally asking you for the specific step of donating to help with legal fees necessary to get Baby Cyrus back & make sure this does not happen to other good families. 100% of your donation goes to the family. You can give at https://givesendgo.com/babycyrus right now! Let's all chip in. I gave $1,000 to kick it off. Will you help? This is a family that has given so much and helped so many others in their time of need. Now, they need our help.
Tonight, we will once again be joined on the Front Porch Live by my friend and longtime Patriot Academy supporter, Diego Rodriguez, for the first hand account of this horrific, tyrannical abuse of a baby and his mother and the miraculous intervention of so many people over the last week.

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