Faith & Freedom: Blake Paulson, 2022 Candidate for MN House District 10B

Published March 19, 2022 597 Views

Blake Paulson, a lifelong central Minnesota resident announced his campaign seeking the Republican endorsement in the newly-formed House District 10B. “As someone who has grown up in and worked hard to further our conservative values in central Minnesota, I am excited to be running to represent the people I know and love in this district down in St. Paul,” said Paulson. “I look forward to being a champion for conservatism and someone that the people of this district can trust to fight for them. I want to be an example to other young conservatives and show that it is time to stand up and fight for our future. It is time for a new, young perspective in St. Paul, that will be a voice for the people of District 10B and all those who feel their voices have not been heard at the capitol.”

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