Col Macgregor 17MAR22 with Gerald Celente part 3 on Francis Fukuyama

1 year ago

Gerald Celente asks Col Douglas Macgregor for his thoughts of Francis Fukuyama assessment of the Russian performance in Ukraine. They go on to discuss Senator Risch assessment as well. In both cases, Col Magregor lays out the facts and recommends the viewer looks into the donors to understand why these people are saying what they are.

Col Macgregor goes on to highlight the change in Russian Military since the fall of the Soviet Union and then lays out Putin's demands to end the conflict:

1. Neutrality for Ukraine
2. Recognize Crimea as part of Russia
3. Recognize the Donbass Republics

Col Macgregor recommends United States help Ukraine accept these terms.

They finish the clip by talking about ineptness in recent military operations and why the DOD is remaining silence about the possibility of the US going to war with Russia.

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