What’s At Stake This November? A Candidate Reports Whether Voters Care About Freedom

Published March 19, 2022 10 Views

Philip Andrew Hamilton - Candidate for US Congress

The ease with which the Sheeple were led by fear to switch from Covid to Russia has led some liberty thought leaders to wonder if America lacks enough self-thinking voters to preserve what’s left of our republic. Benjamin Franklin warned of the loss of our constitutional democracy if we didn’t actively “keep it”. Mr. Hamilton aims to make his voters assert our freedoms against the bald, globalist takeover.

A descendant of George Mason, the “Virginia Declaration of Rights” author who so feared Big Govt that he refused to sign the Constitution, Philip believes it is imperative for individuals to support those who practice their faith and those who speak out on political issues in modern times. Especially he sees Covid as a lynchpin.

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen churches shut down, the size of congregations limited, and religious services moved online, all in violation of the right to free speech & Assembly. During the 2020 election, and especially after January 6th, 2021, we saw conservatives drastically censored by “Big Tech”.

Mr. Hamilton considers all government health restrictions as unconstitutional. We need protections against Technocrat censorship. And with their targeting in schools of our kids with hurtful propaganda, we need to ban weird “critical race theories” teaching. Further, he recognizes the attraction to politics by the worst of humanity - their terms, then need limits.

With globalist goading of competitors into conflicts - and gamesmanship around energy leverage - it’s clear America needs self-sufficiency in energy. To reduce our exposure to Int’l financial interests, we need to get our fiscal house in order - with a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Are voters, though, ready to withhold their vote from any politician who fails to restore limited Govt values? Can America survive if they don’t?

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