Col Macgregor 17MAR22 with Gerald Celente discuss the military expert Antony Blinken part 2

1 year ago

Gerald Celente asks Col Douglas Macgregor about Secretary of State Antony Blinken assessment that Ukraine defeat Russia. The Colonel covers Blinken military credentials and the person driving US policy in Eastern Europe: Victoria Nuland.

The pair talk about the Military Industrial Complex and the paradox of sending billions of dollars to Ukraine while millions of Americans live pay check to pay check. To make matters worst Colonel Macgregor mentions much of our aide is being captured by the Russians, most notably the recent capture of a large number of Javelin Anti-Tank Weapons.

They finish the discussion with an overview of the number of four star generals today versus the number of four stars during World War II. It will remain a mystery on how the United States was able to win World War II with so few four stars.

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