Ukraine On Fire (Chinese Subtitles) 《战火中的乌克兰》(中文字幕,2016年)

This documentary film has been systematically kept hidden from broad Chinese audiences since 2016. And the Anti-Extradition Bill Amendment Color Revolution was the extension of the Euromaidan Color Revolution of 2013-2014.
Permission granted from Dir. Igor Lopatonok to upload and share with people.

Read the RT article: YouTube censors Ukraine documentary featuring Oliver Stone (March 10, 2022).

''#YouTube #BigTech deleted #UkraineOnFire film from our production official channel, I'm asking everyone who like our film to download it from our Vimeo here and post it everywhere. As a copyright holder we giving to you - The People that rights.''

Cited from Twitter (@lopatonok)

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