LIVE: Plasma Infusion Nurse Blows Whistle on Vaxxed Trojan Horse, Cures Act Mass Murder Plot Exposed

Friday on the Stew Peters Show, biotech analyst Karen Kingston joined Stew Peters to detail a nefarious law called the Cures Act, which has empowered a nationwide eugenics agenda by allocating tax payer funds to ‘research’ for mRNA, graphene, and other medicinal poisons for the ultimate goal of killing Americans.
Dr. Jane Ruby says the latest data dump from Pfizer confirms there was non-existent safety work before conducting their trial, and they've made it impossible to track long-term outcomes by tainting the control group.
A whistleblower nurse involved in plasma transfusions raises the alarm another way the vaxxed zombies of the world are poisoning the pure bloods.
It's time to make the tyrants pay! Health Freedom Defense Fund founder Leslie Manookian discusses the dozens of lawsuits being waged against the Biden junta and jurisdictions in Idaho for mask and injection injuries from the bioweapon and the subsequent lockdowns.

Check out Leslie’s work below:
And, Christopher Key of discusses his mission from God to save lives from the jab jackals. He is now facing a jail sentence for his righteous stand against the killer Covid shot.
We need patriots everywhere to join him, by calling out the left-wing tyrants in our justice system responsible for this mess.
Call Judge TERESA T. PULLIAM and tell her not to violate Chris' Constitutional rights, and force him to wear a mask in court Monday March 21 at 8:30 am.

Mel Bailey Criminal Justice Center, Room 406
801 Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd. N.
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 325-5349
Phone: (205) 325-4867
Miranda Gathof - Judicial Assistant
James W. Davis - Bailiff
Ashley Dickey - Court Reporter
Sheriff Pettway: 205-325-5700

Donate to this cause at GiveSendGo:

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