Army of YAH – 0003 – DeFund DC, Our Secondary Objective

2 years ago

Tired of 'Aiding & Abetting?' DeFund D.C. - It literally takes 5 minutes of your time. Find out how.

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State Legislature, Narrative & Script [Copy & Use Freely]:

Good <Morning/Afternoon>, My name is <name here>. I live at: <address & zip>. Just wanted to call and say thank you for all your office is doing for 'We The People' during these crazy and uncertain times. AND to voice my opinion as the 'Will of The People.'

It's recently come to my attention how fraudulent the Federal Reserve and US Government Over-Spending has become. How they are passing bills & printing money they don't have, and then using 'We the People' to launder that money, returning it to themselves in the form of falsely inflated Income Taxes. As a result of this understanding--and the controversy that continues to surround the current Administration's legitimacy--I can no longer, in good conscious, pay any form of Income Tax aiding & abetting these criminals; until true transparency for ALL is reached.

I'm calling to encourage your office to propose state legislation on this subject as well. To cut off ALL State-driven Federal Aid - specifically in the form of taxes - UNTIL transparency in the 2020 election AND the criminal over-spending of the Federal Reserve is fully resolved. I would also like to request state legislation be introduced that protects & exempts ALL state residents from paying ANY & ALL Federal Income Taxes until D.C. is rigorously & thoroughly audited & brought to justice. My basic Miranda Rights spell out that I do not have to 'say or do anything that can be held against me in a court of law.' And when this all goes down, I have no desire to be found guilty of aiding & abetting any Foreign Invading or Domestic Criminal force ... and thus, as guilty of treason as they are. Moreover, I don't want my state to found guilty as well.

Thanks again for all you do! Please, DeFund D.C. God bless & all the best! Good-bye.

*Please Note: All Income Tax related information does not necessarily translate or apply to Corporations (such as an LLC, 501(c)3, etc). Those have been specifically filed under corporate law and as such DO have laws requiring taxes. Our suggestion is to pay those taxes for now and seek to UN-incorporate your business as quickly as possible.

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