Nuclear war? Don't panic!

1 year ago

A few weeks ago, a lot of people did not want to believe that the Russia Ukraine situation could escalate into the unthinkable. Well, that is now a distinct possibility. Many generals and analysts have stated we are closer to a nuclear exchange...either on purpose or by accident...than we ever were during the cold war or Cuban Missile Crisis. So, should we just drop everything else in our lives, throw our hands up in the air, and give up? No. Of course not.

As a believer in sensible prepping and preparedness, it's important to stock up on food, water, first aid, etc in case of any kind of situation from natural disasters to...well, you know. Read up on shelters or what to do. At worst, you'll have to use your shelter and supplies to survive. At best, nothing happens but you'll have a secure place to store all that food. But if you wait until something happens, it's too late.

Keep living and loving, keep uploading and watching those cat videos, all while being prepared as best you can.

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