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SSN PT I: Fighting WWII Russia/Ukraine, Operation Paper Clip, Eisenhower Military Industrial Complex

Are We Still Fighting WWII or at least still dealing with the after affects?
Most of us have already heard about how Putin Claims He Is Going After Nazi’s in Ukraine and his new claim is News Flash Putin Claims U.S. Was Planning To Spread A Bio Weapon Into Russia By Infecting Migrating Birds From Ukraine.

Yes, there is a small percentage Nazi Militias in Ukraine that hate the Russian Brand of Communism and yes there is a small percentage of old Soviet Union Communist Loyalists that hate Nazi’s there, but what about the majority of Ukrainians that embrace a Western Style of Constitutional Government and the individual rights that come with it?
Let’s look at just some of the claims Russia made at the UN this week

Laura Ingraham and Paul Sperry explain their version of the politics relating to the current situation in the Ukraine:
*Victoria Nuland Bio Labs *Pyatt *Jen Psaki 2014 *Jake Sullivan
*Hilary Clinton *Steele Dossier
*Biden Obama Team! Nuland Overthrowing governments with Biden/Obama to install Petro Poroshenko resulting from the tragedy at Maiden Square in 2014
*The former President Viktor Yanukovych was pro-Russian

Let’s go back and take a look at what was occurring prior to WWII and following between the Communist Russian Leninists and Stalinists and the Ukraine. Time for some Historic Clips:

Read The Protestors Signs in The Clip about a minute in, and keep in mind this was over 60 Years Ago from Khrushchev In New York – Sept 18 1959 18 to Putin Today.
Khruschev- We will bury you 1960 United Nations
Question, Khruschev went to the extremes of banging his fists and shoes on the tables at the United Nations to air the Soviets Grievances to the World, so why didn’t Putin air his grievances to the UN before he invaded the Ukraine, but instead invades and brings up information many of us investigators were sharing on social media at the same time the nation and the world was being shut down in April of 2020?

Experimentation at FT Detrick with the spreading Corona Viruses and Bats were being discussed over social media in April of 2020 prior to all the censorship, why didn’t we hear any of this being discussed at the UN or by Putin and Russia or even Communist China?

Now we hear this talk coming from Russia that is being supported by Communist China, home of the Wuhan Level Four Bio Lab where the virus was created.

On Facebook Thursday the DTRA stated” “There has never been anything secretive about #DTRA's capacity building efforts with foreign partners. #BTRP’s priorities in #Ukraine are to help them improve public and veterinary health and to continue to ensure Ukraine can detect and report disease outbreaks before they pose security or stability threats. Hear about the transparency around the program, and the passionate testimonies of the partners working together.


What we hear from many Pro Russian Sources today is how Russia in now a free country and no longer the Soviet Union, if so why would Putin be so concerned about the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians’ preferring a Western style of Constitutional Government on its border?

Back to Soviet Union/Russian History
Nikta Khruschev and the Ukraine https://youtu.be/Ck6kgEVDMhY?t=7
Khruschev had a Ukranian Wife and became First Sec of the Communist Party in Dombas Ukraine the mining region we hear about today that is embattled with Putin’s forces.
Khruschev was in charge when the Ukrainians were starved in 1947

What has taken place following WWII which may put into perspective what we see occurring today. A short clip From PBS News Hour about a very complicated subject, but it does encompass a lot of area:

Operation Paper Clip which brought Nazi’s involved in war crimes to the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union Governments and morals need to be questioned today when it comes to this Biological warfare.
A Vaccination program by the Surgeon General of the 3rd Reich Walter Schreiber that defected from the Soviet Union and was brought to the U.S.A., but how many actual Nazi so-called Scientists were working with the Soviets while their once Nazi counterparts were working with the U.S.A.
Annie Jacobsen book, "Operation Paperclip," sheds light on this veiled national security program and confronts the moral conundrum of whitewashing the past
Eisenhower daughter’s comments was Trump played by the Military Industrial Complex the same people that forced him out of office and now we have their puppet in office and a global puppet that will bring us into another war that they appear to be so concerned about. The Gen had a problem with the same people he served with, could it be it was over Operation Paper Clip and the CIA?

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