1 year ago

Rugged Razor556 For Your AR-15?!

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The Rugged Suppressors Razor556 is the rifle suppressor that the firearms community has been asking for. It’s ready out-of-the-box and an excellent companion for any AR-15. With the Razor556, you will experience reduced gas blowback, regardless of whether it's semi-auto or full auto. The Razor556 greatly mitigates dust signatures as well. The Rugged Razor556 is available at silencershop.com as of the time of publishing this video.

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0:00 - Intro
0:05 - The Rugged Razor556
0:14 - Does Rugged Suppressors make a 5.56 silencer
0:24 - What is the most effective silencer
0:32 - How heavy is a silencer
1:09 - What comes with the Rugged Razor556
1:29 - What are the different muzzle devices for the Rugged Razor556
1:59 - How do I mount a suppressor to my firearm
2:40 - Do you need to check suppressor alignment
3:03 - Rugged Suppressors Warranty
3:07 - Are Rugged Suppressors any good
3:23 - Is a 5.56 suppressor worth it
3:35 - Firearm Newsletter

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