10 months ago

What is Matthew's Life? | Channel Trailer

This collection of videos has come a long way since MJSiebolt was established in August of 2010. Since then we have changed our name three times.

The second time was in June of 2018 I was tired of getting MJSiebolt which stands for Matthew John Siebolt mixed up as a nickname and thus changed the name to Matthew’s Life. During this time YouTube changed an old channel to /MatthewDykstra and so I moved to that channel having been given the address I wanted (without asking) creating a playlist for every month I had videos for linking the two channels

The third time was when my best friend of 30 years and I decided to become a couple and start dating and by our 4th month (November 2020) I changed the name to “Serena and Matthew’s Life” and stayed on youtube.com/matthewdykstra.

The fourth and final time was In January of 2021, I decided to change the name of this series back to Matthew’s Life. As A Single Man Now I am going to continue this series by showcasing my life and bringing light to my disabilities of Fibromyalgia, Spina Bifida, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the many other diagnosed illnesses related to the main three.

In October of 2021 I made the decision to start putting all of my Lifecasts into one channel and move the content that is not a lifecast that started here to there official channel as of right now we are restructuring all of our channels so the content is in its own niche starting in November 22, 2021 I started to consolodate youtube.com/matthewdykstra with youtube.com/mjsiebolt were I started.

We ask for your patients as we move videos around and get this in an easy to find order for the viewer. For now stay tuned to matthewslife.blog for all the latest changes and update to our channels and videos.

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