Putin, the Deep State and the New World Order in Ukraine War

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2 years ago

While many conservatives have embraced Russian strongman Vladimir Putin as some sort of hero against the Deep State and its New World Order agenda, the facts show something much different, argues The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Instead, Putin, a longtime Communist "intelligence" and "security" operative, is closely connected to key agents and agendas of the Deep State, including following his friend and "close advisor" Henry Kissinger's strategy for building global governance by creating regional governments as outlined in Kissinger's book World Order. Even his alleged Christianity is suspect, Alex explains, pointing to the takeover of the Russian Orthodox Church by "former" KGB agents, Putin's persecution of non-ROC Christians in Russia, and the strongman's bizarre comments comparing Christianity and Communism. The Ukrainian government is also connected to these dangerous groups and agendas, a subject Alex plans to tackle in an upcoming episode.

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