Pfizer, V Damage & Detox, Big Pharma & MSM | QHHT Q&A With Rhea

2 years ago

Note that because of YouTube censorship, this video is exclusively hosted on Rumble and also won’t be included in the full version of the session that I release on YouTube and Rumble.

This short video is from a full QHHT session with my friend ‘Rhea’, which was her fifth session with me. While in a trance state, a representative of the Light Council (a group of guides that look after her on Earth) answers some of my questions which I’ve included below.

The information is quite important as it includes another method to use to detox from the vaccines, but also how important it is to step out of fear, as fear can increase the chances of vaccine damage for those who’ve had the vaccines.

1. Pfizer just released their adverse reaction documents from their trials based on a court ruling that unsealed 400 pages of data. That data confirms what some of us already knew, in terms of the health dangers of the mRNA vaccines. How long will it take, in terms of years, for some of these adverse reactions to occur and what should we expect in terms of the types of health problems people will have because of these vaccines?
2. With regards to big pharma, there’s a combination of situations occurring globally, from the revelations coming out about the harm the vaccines do, to the bio labs in the Ukraine and Taiwan, and how they have been used by the globalists to harm humanity, including any future plans. Will big pharma survive all of these events and continue controlling much of what goes on in the world?
3. More and more evidence is coming out that main stream media have been paid off by Governments, and that there’s corruption in place, not only to promote COVID as something far worse than what it was, but to encourage people to take the vaccines. What impact will this have on Main Stream Media globally in the longer term future?

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