The Time Twitter Suspended Me For Calling Bill Maher “Retard”

Published March 14, 2022 107 Views
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Originally uploaded March 24th, 2019 on Youtube...

Bill Maher is someone I used to like, enjoyed his documentary on religion. That said, he’s a propagandist; talented and more old school than a lot of his contemporaries, old cred for past ballsiness and principled stands are still there but, he lost me in 2015.

Talented, experienced, relatively smart… and he told his audience that the Mueller report didn’t matter, he didn’t need that to tell him Trump colluded with Russia BECAUSE… he had a TV. Over a year later I still feel like I should repeat that. If Twitter hadn’t fucked with me over it I wouldn’t have thought twice about the off-hand remark I made.

Now, because they tried to penalize me for it, it lives on to this day.

See how censorship ultimately plays out? It backfires.


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