Current US Crisis Due to Worship of Old, Disproved Ideas Unrelated to Quality of Life

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Current US Crisis Due to Worship of Old, Disproved Ideas Unrelated to Quality of Life
Ukraine War a Maelstrom Resulting From Every Single American Leftist Fantasy

Ideological Foundation of US Failure: Every crucial quality-of-life category in America now has a false value attached to it by the left to hamstring any success. So, virtually every disaster America is currently battling is the result of ideological struggles unrelated to survival. These then helped lead to Ukraine’s war, as Putin schemed and moribund Biden dithered. For example, Biden’s indifference to our military presence in Afghanistan and our reputation internationally then guided Putin to assess America would not fight for Ukraine, since we abandoned our own citizens to die while evacuating unvetted Afghani strangers.

Brainwashed American Bimbocracy? Most alarming, Americans have lost their ability to detect propaganda. We act as if such a thing as brainwashing doesn’t exist. Sadly, the most propagandized folks are the most opinionated. But why do US Democrats casually and transparently undertake policies which can only destroy America’s foundations, leading to our dissolution? Friends, it’s either for personal gain or seething animus. But does Russia now hold Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian hijinks over zombified Joe’s sclerotic noggin?

Radical Rot: But famed American standards for security, economic growth, affordable energy, liberty, patriotism and wholesome education are supplanted by radical rejection of common sense. Consider how universities now breed rabid, foam-lipped radicals who spitefully block any speakers perceived as threatening their beliefs. In such an atmosphere, real learning is impossible, as it presumes open minds. Liberty is canceled while censorious leftism is protected by slavering bureaucrats. This means the average student can no longer find a liberal arts education at American universities. So who gains here?

Subjective Standards: Generally, leftism inserts specious new, subjective standards into every important topic, ensuring it’s distorted, attacked, then destroyed. For example, educating children on reading, math, and logic is irrelevant compared to teaching ‘historic racism.’ Or, the US Military’s ability to wage and win wars is useless unless done by a Woke Army. Affordable fuel production is a nonsense compared to adopting “green fuel”, even if practically unavailable or ruinously expensive. And communicating via free speech means nothing compared to the beauty of blocking any insulting ideas, etc. The point is obvious.

Oily Graveyard: To watch gasoline prices skyrocket to historic levels while Biden refuses to increase domestic production one drop, yet desperately seeks oil from the world’s worst dictatorships is madness. Further, Biden claims he actually cut US production to fight climate change -- which can’t be true since foreign sources are famously dirty.

Political Cult: This means we are dealing with a political cult meant to cripple capitalism while Biden himself is on autopilot with less brain activity than Don Lemon in a coma. Biden actually previously bragged of bankrupting the oil economy, but even now, after massive price spikes leading to gas over $7 threaten to immobilize the poor, he still won’t drill baby, drill. And remember Obama's promise to “Bankrupt Coal”? Biden said in a Trump debate: “I would transition away from the oil industry, yes. The oil industry pollutes, significantly. ... It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.”

The following historic movements are the most important to understand modern liberalism. This despite the fact they are not just old, but all completely discredited and disproved.

Political Religion: Seeking Human Control, 3,000 BC -- Governments have always been tempted to use politics infused with religion. See The Gods of Politics in Early Greek Cities. Athens was settled in 3,000 BC. See ancient Egypt:

Politically, Egypt was a polytheistic theocracy in the Old Kingdom. The pharaohs ruled as God’s agents. “Economic energy and material resources in considerable amounts were squandered in providing elaborate tombs and in maintaining a costly ecclesiastical system”. The unification of Egypt under the Old Kingdom led to the political consolidation and fusion of deities. All guardian divinities were merged into the almighty sun god Ra.”’

Dead American Church: The West has lost active, church-going Christians each year as 25% now consider themselves without a religion or God. And so the most aggressive woke leftists follow their political ideals, modeled on Mystic Marxism, being political systems offered as infallible religion. As Chronicles reports, “Politics Is the New Religion”:

To understand the modern world, one must understand how politics has replaced religion. The term “political religion” designates the infusion of political beliefs with religious significance. Political religions involve grand plans to transform society into a new sacral order unrelated to how humans have lived beforehand. Political religions also typically divide people into the righteous and the evil based on whether they conform to its transformational vision. They treat differences of opinion as heretical and call for suppressing dissenting views as a rejection of the Good. The priesthood of political religions demand that we punish those who express unsanctioned views as morally wicked — in the contemporary vernacular, these are “racists,” “sexists” and “homophobes.” The concept of political religion is especially pressing because in the West, the struggle of intersectional, antiwhite politics takes on the elements of religion. The now-dominant woke political religion has permeated Christian confessions, which often seem unable to resist ideological invasion. Complicating the matter is that the so-called liberal democratic opposition to the left’s political religion often resembles what it claims to be resisting.

Gnosticism -- 200-300 AD: Modern America is dedicated to allowing Ivy league ‘experts’ and elites to run our society, but banning any who resist. This is an ancient hoax! Most glaring is how modern “woke” society ejects anyone who disagrees with current propaganda. Gnostics were a group who took Christ’s teachings and embellished them with Eastern religion.

Salvation by Knowledge: The chief Gnostic idea was that humans are saved not by faith, but instead -- knowledge, a kind of Pelagian Heresy. According to Eric Voegelin, the modern age is rife with gnosticism which is the main motivation of modern man. To dominate others by education and elitism, especially as delivered by bureaucracies. And the ultimate goal is to remove sin by killing God’s image, a meta goal for this generation.

Joachim of Flora, 1180 AD -- Early Utopia: To bring all people across the US border, without any background checks, even Covid tests, is remarkable. To do so for “humanitarian” reasons at the cost of private citizens is ludicrous. To then dump them in unwitting cities without any support is absurd. 3 million illegals crossed last year. Joachim taught all humans will be saved in a modified monastery where all needs are met, creating a heaven on earth. The precursor to utopia. Even religion itself will fade as humans directly access God, or in this case, the universe.

Malthusianism, 1798 AD -- Earth is Dying: The reason Biden and his environmental zealots fight oil, by canceling all leases, shutting down production areas, and shuttering international pipelines is to service beliefs in Malthusianism. Claiming all human activity is deadly. Rev Malthus taught earth was overcrowded, doomed to starvation. Biden admitted in the beginning that the purpose of his govt was to skyrocket gas prices to force green energy conversion. This is a centuries old premise claiming the earth and humans are doomed because of human mistakes. While disproved long ago, it still entraps billions of humans in its simplistic theories.

Auguste Comte, 1830 -- Science Society & Religion of Man: Pretending everything in a proper society is ‘scientific,’ and that biblical religion must be replaced by a religion of humanity is a very modern liberal view. This includes pseudo-scientific Covid masking and shutdowns.

Religion of Humanity: Auguste Comte was a philosopher who invented Sociology and Positivism, who suffered a nervous breakdown, and afterward was never again the same. The ideas he developed that took society by storm all came after his madness set in. Tony Davies states Comte's new religion was a "complete system of belief and ritual, with liturgy and sacraments, priesthood and pontiff, all organized around the public veneration of Humanity."

Marxism, 1848 AD -- Capitalism is Evil: There is no rational reason for Biden to wildly increase spending, especially when $1 trillion was leftover unspent from Covid funds. Marx taught all Capitalism was by theft, so that any confiscation will be Robin Hood style -- from rich to poor. Overall, Marxism teaches society must convert folks into Socialism & Communism until they accept its ideas, or be sent to re-education camps or even killed.

Radioactive Inflation: Biden’s purpose is to explode inflation so as to knock the dollar off as the global anchor and oil currency. As inflation bites, and the dollar falls in value, global markets will be forced to find a new currency. At this point, America will instantly lose much built in wealth via our dollar. Further, as inflation destroys the economy and savings, the middle class will disappear. Then a utopia will seem much more rational, while all rights are extinguished.

Will God Save America -- Again? Overall, the current weakness in American policy can mean only one thing. Biden and his deranged administration are battling like the devil to knock America off the top spot of nations. They do this because of their own fixation with old and ancient belief systems which were proved false long ago. One can only help that God will, once again, grant America the grace to pass through this wicked time and return to worshiping Him. Then we can return to our historic greatness. But right now, it’s not looking so good.

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