People are peacefully uniting to preserve Liberty! Powerful story + song, "Stand Your Ground"

2 years ago

POWERFUL! STIRRING! UNIFYING! WATCH how citizens are rising to protect Liberty as they peacefully campaign for Human and Civil Rights here in the USA and around the world. With GOD and CONSTITUTION as our focus, we are unifying to serve together; and by the GRACE and MERCY of God, our nation will be redeemed and restored for today and for generations to come!

POINTS OF HISTORY: WATCH Riveting footage of today's events as well as classic clips of Rosa Parks, the MLK demonstration in D.C., and the suffragettes campaigning in the streets for the women's right to vote.

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Song, "Stand Your Ground," words & music are by Ann M. Wolf
Copyright 2021 – All rights reserved.

Song, "Stand Your Ground," is produced & arranged by Tracy Collins.

Film compilation & edits are by Ann M. Wolf

Opening music track is by FlorewsMusic - Pond5

Engineer/Vocals: Rusty Chambers, Murlin's Music World Studio, Maryville, TN

Video clips & images are by permission, in the public domain or by license; see credits at the conclusion of the video.

This video is not for sale but available to share, stream, or embed for personal inspiration or for non-profit functions. For more information regarding permissions:


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