A Easy, Quick Way to Book a Specialist Consult? The Sharing Economy Connects Patients to Expert Care

Published March 12, 2022 8 Views

Paula Muto - Founder UBERDOC & Owner Muto Vein Center
uber-docs.com Paula@uber-docs.com

It’s easy to just use the specialist recommended by your primary care doctor, but what if you want to take more control in this decision? Or, what if there’s no referral available from the primary doc; or insurance paperwork gets in the way; or the recommended specialist appointment can’t happen for months? Or their online reviews were terrible? Enter the Sharing Economy.

The Sharing Economy exploded with Uber – to give us more choices than just a taxi – and AirBnB – giving us more accommodation choices when traveling. Dr. Muto started UBERDOC with the same idea in mind; to give people an easy and quick way to book a consultation with any specialist listed in the Uberdoc app.

The bureaucracy of today’s overburdened health system makes it virtually impossible for a person needing quick, urgent care to get an appointment with the best specialists in a timely manner.

Eating up one-seventh of the economy, healthcare is a top-heavy cartel. Join the conversation to hear from another entrepreneur who is bypassing the red tape – and enabling families and doctors to connect WHEN an appointment is needed – rather than months later.

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