Donbass (2016)

Published March 12, 2022 19,170 Views

⚠️ Warning: This Documentary Is Not Recommended For Sensitive People!

A Shocking Documentary Of The Population In The Donbass. NATO And The United States, As Well As Soros, Are Financing A Despicable Massacre.

In 2016, The French Journalist Anne-Laure Bonnel Released A Documentary Following The Lives Of The Ukrainians Separatists Of The Donbass Region.

Anne-Laure Bonnel, A Young Director And Mother Of A French Family, Decided To Accompany Alexandre, A Father Of Ukrainian Origin, To The Donbass Region, In The East Of Ukraine In The Pro- Russian. At The Heart Of The War, She Captures The Terrible Images Of A Deadly Conflict And An Unprecedented Humanitarian Disaster. Donbass Is An Immersive Road Movie, A Gripping Documentary Film In A Torn Country.

Filming War Is Not Filming Combat!

If War Is A Spectacle, We Often Tend To Forget What Is Around It. In His Off-screen, Entire Populations Try To Live, Or Rather To Survive. Donbass Gives Them The Floor. Through Her Documentary, Anne-Laure Bonnel Looks At The Conflict In Its Universality And Films This "Side" That We Are Not Shown Enough.

This Is Not A Political Message For Or Against Either Sides Of The Conflict. We Strongly Advise You To Listen To Testimonies From Both Sides Before Making Any Definitive Judgment.

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