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New Zealand ...August 23rd 2021 report the Govts Emissions Trading Scheme takes a longer reign. In 2022 petrol, gas, energy bills will significantly increase. Carbon Emission are $65 per tonne, rising to $70 per tonne. 2020 it was $30 per tonne. By 2050 expected to rise to $250 per tonne.

Of course Ardern will not reduce excise taxes, what abour the 15% GST charges and the Carbon Tax and the Auckland Regional Tax.?? Response- No Ardern will not reduce these, its all part of the global, national agenda.

On our carbon based planet reimagining a fantasy world. The greenwashing of the planet by the political ideologies of Eco-Socialism, Marxism and throw in the Chinese Social Credit System otherwise known as Individual ESG's. Controlling E for Economy, S for Society and G to govern everyone, to leave no-one behind, everyone everywhere at every age

Billionaires that make lots of dosh (wealth) from carbon capturing storage containments. Large companies, wealthy corporations that buy up farming land for forestry to plant those billion trees.

Those billion tree's that would die without carbon. Greenwashing vulnerable communities. People, Planet for massive profits for the very few wealthy greedy bastards of this world.

The constant robbing of tax payers pockets all part of Ardern's agenda, the Global Agenda, target 'The Decade Of Action 2020-2030'

Arderns Climate Emergency her Zero Carbons Goal. That would enrich Climate Villeins’ and push more people below the bread line.

Arderns was interviewed on television "Is this a crisis Prime Minister"? Ardern's response "Oh, No Ryan (Interviewer) things will get better"
What better to whom?

By the way how much is Arderns Annual Salary eem, and what about all those other elephants still in the room? as they play slip service to New Zealanders.

New Zealand the guineapig state. Guineapigs of Global Elitist, Governments, NGO's welcomed reimaginings, fantasies. My name is not Chicken Little, wake up New Zealand don't play Chicken. Remember the fox is in the henhouse....

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