Patriots Targeted as Terrorists by Homeland Security -- Jefferson said Civil Disobedience is Patriotism

1 year ago

Banned on YouTube! Karen Stewart - National Security Agency whistleblower on Fusion Center Activist Targeting

Since blowing the whistle on NSA improprieties, Ms. Stewart has suffered violent, wireless-based attacks from the Fusion Centers started by DHS after the 2001, 9-11 terrorism. Following that event, her research found that the purpose of Fusion Centers was to do whatever is necessary to add names to the government’s “Watch List”.

Last month, Homeland Security upped their game by labeling activists working to bring the truth about the COVID-19 “plandemic” forward as “terrorists.” We’ve heard how the vaccine passports via wireless will soon be linked to fake carbon footprints and a central bank digital currency - all to implement Klaus Schwab’s behavioral coercion matrix as envisioned by the World Economic Forum.

Former Senator Coburn discovered that DHS never found any actual terrorist threats, and with trillions in debt and our liberty at stake, it’s time to abolish this Orwellian agency – and perhaps others, as well.

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