Media Crimes Exposed - When Journalists become Propagandists

This is a collage of video clips from numerous sources, containing personal statements from reporters, editors, and other media professionals. It reveals the dark side of modern journalism. The emerging story is that modern mainstream news sources are effectively mouthpieces for propaganda. They favor whomever provides the dominant funding, including governments, corporate advertisers, and secret societies. This is far more serious than it sounds because it creates political illusions, and facilitates the molding of public opinion to support hidden agendas behind wars, criminality in health care, and culture chaos. Most people suspect that this is so, but here is confirmation by those who speak from personal knowledge. The more important the issue is, (such as wars and deadly pandemics), the more likely it is that we are being deceived. Beware though; after seing this, you might start questioning what is reported by mainstream news sources. 2022 Mar 10 - Source: Stop World Control -

This video is archived here and at other sites to preserve access to it. However, preserved knowledge is useless without action. Join with others of like mind at Red Pill University to convert enlightenment into societal reform. Visit and 'Take the Tour'.

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