Did Russia really bomb a children's/maternity hospital in Ukraine?

1 year ago

❗️ This is how #FakeNews is made. A staged and cynical provocation regarding the maternity ward, aimed at stirring emotions and ignoring facts.

Vladimir Zelensky announced that a Russian air strike was performed on a maternity hospital in Mariupol - an atrocity and that there are babies, their mothers and doctors under wreckage, starting another round of worldwide hysteria.

Truth: The maternity hospital was closed after the Russian special operation had begun in Ukraine. The Neo-Nazi Azov nationalists told the doctors to get out.

🔸 On March 7 Russian diplomats confirmed at the UN Security Council itself that this particular maternity hospital was turned into an operations base and firing point by Azov batallion Neo-Nazis.

🔸 On March 8, the son of a woman who had worked at the hospital told russian channel LENTA that “in the last days of February, men in uniforms entered the maternity hospital where his mother worked. They told everyone to get out and established firing points in the building.”

Full story: https://jencomeau.com/posts/f/mariupol-bombing-azov-battalion-and-sanctions


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