Episode 339: Twisted Sisters Russia and US

1 year ago

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Twisted Sisters Russia and US
I’m not talking about the 80’s heavy metal ‘Twisted Sister,’ although their song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ would be applicable lyrics for a lot of conservative activism at this time. My discussion of the Twisted Sisters Russia and US is the cultural hegemony of Antonio Gramsci, which has been mostly fulfilled in all the US.

I am going to take a wide swipe at the ideological Twisted Sisters Russia and US. Initially I was including China but that is to wide of a swipe for today and will have to be picked up another time.

Now a few years ago I heard a major nationally renowned N. E. Ohio pastor once say that ‘communism is dead’ so there is no reason for Christians to be political activists and everyone should focus on ‘the Bible only.’ I have no clue what he says now since I no longer attend that fellowship or bother to listen to him on any of his digital media. My retort to anyone that says ‘communism is dead’ is - they are naive or they are just plain ignorant of their surroundings or worse, they are responsible for participating in the cultural hegemonic agenda and ideologies of the Twisted Sisters.

Experts Everywhere
I will not claim to be an expert in the Ukrainian debacle. Yet I will claim that I have been a student of Marxism and Gramsci-ism since the late 60’s with in-depth study since the mid-80’s. So I will inject some of that into this program. But I still do not claim some title of deep Sino-Russian analytics that makes me one of those has-beens who are gushing a stream of babble, you know, an ex-spurt. There are the growing list of virtuoso’s in modern events. I see and hear a plethora of digital and media pundits, academic pile it high and deeps (Phd’s) as well as every blogger with opinions like the chipmunks scurrying to and fro. I have trusted sources that I will talk about in this program.

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