Counterspin Ep. 55 - Reflection & Direction

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Episode 55 – Reflection & Direction
After recovering from a tough month in Wellington, tonight we reflect on the way the Mainstream Media & members of Parliament attacked Counterspin Media during the CONVOY NZ 2022 Wellington protest.

We contextualize current local & international issues including political polls, a media merger, the energy "crisis," the war in the Ukraine and the Great Reset.

The Counterspin Media national tour gets announced.

Video content and comment covering:

Kelvyn schools up tvnz & newshub
CSM as a target
Narrative is moving on in NZ & globally
RNZ/TVNZ merger
Food shortages
Economic supply chain
Marsden Point
Global warming narrative, reduce fossil fuels
Biden shut down fuel pipe lines
NZ only has 20 days of diesel supplies
Lack of people to deliver goods
Global great reset. Ukraine.
Ukraine Biolabs
Reference statistics from Pfizer & MOH
David Seymour Twitter comments
Chris Bishop
Labour going down in polls
Jacinda Adern

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