1 year ago

Five Doctors Conclude that COVID-19 Shots are Bioweapons

Five doctors (Larry Palevsky, Sherri Tenpenny, Christiane Northrup, Carrie Madej, and Lee Merritt) discuss composition and after effects of COVID-19 shots, and conclude that they (1) are not vaccines, (2) were not designed to protect against Covid-19 and, in fact, do not do so, (3) cause disability and death from blood and bleeding disorders, (4) cause those who have received the shot to infect those who have not received the shot with the same bleeding disorder and, therefore, (5) must have been designed as bioweapons to depopulate the planet. Yes, it really is that serious. 2021 Apr 25 – Source: HealthImpactNews - https://rumble.com/vg3drt

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