1 year ago

The Great Reset is here, and it's TERRIFYING

The Great Reset is no longer just a "conspiracy", these people are openly telling us what our future holds. Everything from your digital ID to your vehicle will allow complete government control over every aspect of our lives, and ensure we stay in line and behave as they see fit.

Governments around the world are preparing to launch CBDC's (Central Bank Digital Currencies) which will be programmable money that only allows you to purchase what they deem essential or appropriate. Moreover, every transaction will be known. Meanwhile your new vehicle will have a backdoor killswitch to allow "authorized third parties" to shut it down. Imagine...you are upset at a government policy and want to drive to a rally, but your car won't allow you to do so. Or you're not compliant with mandates, so you can't buy a television. This isn't science fiction, it's reality already for people in China and is coming quickly for all of us.

Tell your elected representatives we will not participate in this Orwellian agenda, refuse Digital ID's, ALWAYS use cash, and start buying gold and silver... before it's too late.

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