Why Did the World Economic Forum Just Remove the Cyber Polygon Page From Their Website?

Published March 10, 2022 183,574 Views
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I made a mistake yesterday. I read into the sudden shift in Russian policy about their internet as a sign that they are plotting a massive cyber attack that could take down the whole internet. By essentially quarantining themselves after making threats of counterattacks against any NATO interference in their war, I believed they were preparing themselves for an attack.

That may still be true, but the one thing I didn't give enough consideration to is their knowledge of OTHER forces who may be planning a cyberattack. They may be simply trying to guard themselves against China, the US. or pawns of the World Economic Forum who may be committing the attack soon. That doesn't change how I see Russia; whether they're planning an attack or know of one coming without warning the rest of the world, they're still in the wrong.

This is not a minor move. Isolating their internet is not a flip of a switch and brings with it extreme repercussions on their people. This is why I cannot believe they are just being cautious since their Kremlin website was hacked recently by Anonymous. That would be like burning down a house because you found a spider in it. Going to this extreme means they know something, whether it's a future cyber attack or a shift away from western influence altogether. I hope it’s the latter.

The reason I'm now more in the camp that believes it's the World Economic Forum or connected globalist bodies who are actually planning a cyberattack is because the WEF inexplicably removed their Cyber Polygon page from their website. The organization is not shy. They boldly reveal their plans (at least what they want the public to see) for The Great Reset by framing it all as rosy. For them to distance themselves from Cyber Polygon is quite curious.

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