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Please do not be deceived by the coming so called alien story, they are NOT Aliens they the fallen angels and whatever man has been creating with their help,

The greatest trick the devil ever played was to convince people he wasn't real.
Demons want people to believe in aliens rather than what they really are( demons),
they don't want people to know the bibles truth.....
to believe in satan/devil/Lucifer & demons you would have to believe in God, Jesus & angels.
Unbeknownst to all of us.

JUDGEMENT is Coming upon the world very soon.

Get your houses in order and warn everyone what's coming.

America has been corrupt since it's inception, do not be deceived by their democracy show.
This is exactly what the bible said was going to happen.

Men's hearts will fail them from FEAR DO NOT LET IT BE YOU.

satan is smart and looking for whom he may devour.

Possession is real,
I believe it may be what people diagnose as multiple personality disorder or bipolar disorder.
The children of the fallen the Nephilim were cursed by God to wonder the earth as cursed spirits not to go to heaven or hell, and they can enter into ones body (possibly just unbeliever).
Many people we trust are out to deceive us. We are to test everyone.

We are NOT supposed to be following man.

Many with a lot of exposure and allowed to speak are controlled opposition.

The Alien deception is coming do not be deceived.

Project Blue Beam false flag

original link by Deluminati

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