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The stakes are high: a career on the line and nuclear secrets loose in the wild...

Karl Gruben, a junior Mossad agent thrust into a last-minute clandestine operation, takes on his first assignment as team leader. Their mission: kidnap Dr. Vahan Nafisi, a runaway Iranian nuclear physicist. Nafisi witnessed the brutal murder of colleagues, barely escaping with his life—and secrets—to America.

Gruben must secret a freshly formed team of hard-edged agents into America, but his own inexperience, bad intel, and technical difficulties plunge them into a dangerous labyrinth of cat-and-mouse. As he pursues the unsuspecting Dr. Nafisi, Gruben collides with a web of international espionage agencies intent on nabbing—or killing—the scientist.

Can the Mossad capture Nafisi in time? Iranian agents are hell-bent on returning the doctor to their labs. Karl Gruben must pull his team together, zero in on their quarry, and keep the entire business a secret from American authorities in a race against time to save his career, the lives of his team, and protect humanity.

Now available:
Book 2 - Operation Watchtower
Book 3 - Operation Blue Eagle

Coming Soon:
Book 4 - Operation Raven Rock

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