BOMBSHELL: A Pfizer Clinical Trial Whistleblower Speaks Out

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1 year ago

Following an in-depth look at two instances underpinning the Culture War in America, specifically the one being waged by Transgender Activists hellbent on distorting and disrupting biological truths and therefore, the innocence of children—not to mention women’s sports—Charlie is joined by a whistleblower whose time spent overseeing clinical trials of the Pfizer COVID-19 “Vaccine” in Texas exposed her to some terrifying realities. Brook Jackson joins the program to talk about what she learned and why she felt it was important to expose the conspiracy behind the shot. She talks about her lawsuit against Pfizer and how the evidence is being suppressed by the medical establishment at every turn. This is an episode you truly don’t want to miss, no matter what the legacy media and Big-Pharma-Bought news shows want you to be focused on. 

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