1/6 Defendant Confronts Informant, DOJ Wants To Give Him 60 Days In Jail As Punishment

Published March 8, 2022 923 Views

Micajah Jackson is one of over 700 people that has been arrested for protesting at the Capitol on January 6th. Even though many investigators believe that the “insurrection” was a sophisticated entrapment operation, that has not stopped the FBI from pushing forward. Metaphorically speaking, they want blood.

One of the people who has been targeted in this Witch Hunt is Micajah Jackson, a 26-year-old disabled Marine Corps veteran. He pled guilty to one count of parading in the Capitol building, a misdemeanor charge, and is scheduled for sentencing very soon.

Micajah confronted Luke Robinson, #343 on the FBI most wanted list, asking him why he was mysteriously removed from the list despite the fact that he had a gun and an earpiece on Capitol Grounds.

Even more interestingly, Luke and Micajah initially met just 10 days after the FBI first visited Micajah’s house. Was Micajah Jackson being spied on?

Due to the fact that Micajah confronted an alleged informant, has been outspoken about his persecution by the FBI, and has tweeted mean things at Mitt Romney, the DOJ wants to give him 60 days in jail and 3 years probation.

In this interview, Alex Sheppard asks Micajah for his side of the story.

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