Pandemic Panic Theater Isn't Over Despite Attention Turned to Ukraine

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2 years ago

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Most Americans who were fighting medical tyranny before the Ukraine conflict are still fighting it today. Unfortunately, some fighters have fallen off with last month's simultaneous lifting of various draconian measures by dozens of mayors and governors. Joe Biden didn't mention his beloved vaccine mandates once during his State of the Union address despite spending half of last year blaming all of our problems on the so-called "pandemic of the unvaccinated."

What's worse than some of the fighters leaving the fight is that many who are still involved have started splitting their attention between medical tyranny and Ukraine with the latter getting the lion's share of interest. This is a mistake. The jabs are still being pushed. Face masks are quietly still being forced upon millions of children. But the biggest reason it's not the time to redirect our attentions elsewhere is because the primary goal of those fighting medical tyranny has not been achieved.

We don't just want them to end mandates, restrictions, passports, and lockdowns. We want them to never be able to do this to us again without the consent of the people.

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