Metastatic Melanoma Is One of The Most Dangerous Forms of Cancer

Published March 7, 2022 18 Views

I came to a hairs breath away from death because of this cancer showing up in my brain. It is a miracle I am still alive. I started Crossing Jordan Ministries and Cancer Warrior so I could share this information with the world and hopefully lead many others to Christ. Cancer kills almost 700,000 Americans every year and those numbers are likely to go way up in the days ahead. Be sure to follow and support us.

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Crossing Jordan Ministries is under the inspirational leadership of Jesus Christ and is directed and managed by Gregory Ciola. The significant spiritual name of this ministry began in 2009 after the birth of our son Jordan who was miraculously saved by God during a life-threatening experience he encountered at birth. The Israelites were led across the Jordan River in a miraculous way to get to the promised land.

(See Joshua Chapter 3 and 4 entire chapters).

The Bible account says that as soon as the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant touched the water that the river split in two and dried up allowing the Israelites to cross like the parting of the Red Sea with Moses.

John the Baptist spent his entire ministry preparing the hearts of the people to be ready to meet the Messiah. The thing he is most noted for is the national baptism he was conducting in Jordan to get people to repent and get ready to meet Jesus. John’s entire ministry was situated around the Jordan River near the spot where the Israelites first crossed.

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