1 year ago

Holding the Line on Parliament Hill, Ottawa (Feb. 5, 2022)

The #FreedomConvoy lit a fire beyond the organizers' wildest imaginations, spreading far beyond Ottawa. It inspired convoys around the world and ignited the politicians to start lifting measures across Canada.

This video captures the immensity and power of the people and their ability to create change with each person's memories and footage a testament of peaceful civil disobedience and proof to help dispel the fabricated narrative of a violent insurrection led by white nationalists.

The Freedom Convoy now long-hauls within each person who stood on Parliament Hill, shook a trucker's hand, stood at an overpass, made a donation...

And therein lies the power of the convoy to continue its voyage to restoring freedoms.

**Please help us hold the line at www.brightlightnews.com**

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