covid dystopia trucker protest: retired CAF Major breaks ranks and declares grave concern

1 year ago

Credit Instagram's @just.stop.ahah with this video clip of a retired Canadian Armed Forces military man. In it, Major Steven Chledowski, a 20-year veteran outlines his grave concerns with the direction of the country under the Trudeau government.

His urgent message for all Canadians? "For over two years, our elected officials have been using the bullying tactics of fear, intimidation and coercion and financial and physical violence against us to gain compliance *for certain repeated medical procedures*", ie the covid jab. "They have knowingly violated the highest laws in the land, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and international signed agreements.. that folks is the very definition of tyranny."

Major Chledowski is angry that he cannot participate in certain public events, that he cannot go to a restaurant, that he cannot travel across provincial lines. He is angry that the focus of elected officials is now to give our children genetic therapy with an injection that has proven to be more harmful than beneficial.

The good Major closes with a call to all who have sworn an oath to protect the public, to stand firm in their love and refuse to comply with this medical tyranny.

What do you think, internet friends?

Major Chledowski refers to Remembrance Day 2021. The video must have been recorded between then and when the clip came to my attention, in early March 2022.

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