The Dynasty Of Rothschild - The Only Trillionaires In The World!!

2 years ago

Who Is the Richest Person in The World? Do You Think Your Government Controls Everything? How did Rothschild become the Richest Family in The World? In This Documentary Video You Will the All About Rothschild Family and His Biography. The Rothschild, World Kingpins, Worth $500 Trillion! They Own Reuters, AP, And Fix the Price of Gold... — The Kingpins of The World!

In The Late '90s, Gaylon Ross Laid Out the Big Picture That Has Continued to Prove True. He Laid Out the Elite's Plan to Create Unions Within the Continents, And Then Merge All 5 Continents into The One-World Government Which They Control.

Here Is Just One Tiny Aspect of The Rothschild Family. Under The Surface, The Rothschilds Long Had a Powerful Influence in Dictating American Financial Laws. The Law Records Show That They Were Powers in The Old Bank of The United States [Abolished by Andrew Jackson].

Rothschild Quotes:

"Give Me Control of a Nation's Money and I Care Not Who Makes the Laws."

"I Care Not What Puppet Is Placed on The Throne of England to Rule the Empire, …The Man That Controls Britain's Money Supply Controls the British Empire. And I Control the Money Supply."

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