SYNCRETIST SOCIETY #1 | What is Syncretism & Decoding the Languages of Existence

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Welcome to the First episode of the Syncretist Society. Hosts Alex Corey of and Danielle Rodenroth of set the foundations for unpacking the nature of reality.

What is existence?
Why are we here?
What is consciousness?
How can we better come to know ourselves and share our unique gifts in this time of change?

This podcast will leave no BS (Belief System) and paradigm untouched. Everything will be explored and fellow seekers of truth will find all esoteric teachings and modern revelations discussed:

Alchemy | Human Design | Astrology | Quantum Physics | Gene Keys | Plant Medicine | Consciousness | The Nature of Water | Natural Law | The Origin of Religion | Optimum Health & Fitness | Resonance & Light | Sovereignty | Food Cultivation

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